No ‘poo-friendly hot oil deep conditioning hair treatments

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It’s taken me a long time to figure out the right no ‘poo-friendly deep conditioning treatments for my hair.

Coconut oil and olive oil were way too heavy for my hair and wouldn’t wash out; honey breaks my skin out in spots (I’m insulin resistant); and coconut milk and Aloe Vera are just a bit, well, wanky.

And they can all be really difficult to wash out when you don’t use shampoo.

Lately I’ve been trying out lighter oils and I’ve been having a much easier time washing them out with no-poo friendly methods.

Most of the guides to hot oil treatments that I found were really negative about removing oils with no ‘poo-friendly methods, but all I do is make a little extra of my shampoo recipe and cleanse my hair twice (maybe three times for extra stubborn oil) and it all comes out perfectly – this is because the herbs I use have just enough “grit” in them to shift the oils off my hair.

DIY or pre-made oil blends?

When you’re choosing an oil for your hair, from my own experience I would say that the finer your hair, the lighter you should go with your oils.

Here are a few examples of pure oils you can go for:

  • Light density oils include jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil and sunflower oil
  • Heavier density oils include olive oil, castor oil and coconut oil
  • Medium density oils include sweet almond oil

If you’d like to get stuck in with a one-ingredient oil treatment, a great post that can help you figure out a good general oil to use for your hair can be found here.

Using just one ingredient is quick, simple and cost effective if you’re going to be doing oil treatments on your hair on a regular basis.

Personally, I only do this kind of treatment every 4-6 weeks (because lazy), so I tend to treat myself by using pre-made blends like the ones below:

no 'poo-friendly hair oils for deep conditioning

I have a couple from Ecco Verde (their website can be a bit tricky to navigate so just search ‘hair oil’), one that I bought ages ago from Hairy Jayne, and a body oil which doubles up as a hair oil that was very kindly gifted to me by my friends from an eco-luxe brand called Bodhi & Birch.

I don’t feel like I’ve used any of them enough to give a fair review yet, but from what I do know:

  • Bodhi & Birch’s Nordic White Body Oil is a very lightweight oil and gives my hair a lot of volume and a lovely shine if I straighten it; it has a beautiful but potent fragrance, so it needs diluting with a plainer oil lest you want a headache!
  • Khadi’s Vitalising Hair Oil is extremely heavy so I need to retest it diluted with a very light oil – I want to love this because I use Khadi’s herbal powders to cleanse my hair with, so I’m determined to figure this one out.
  • The ingredients in Hairy Jayne’s Pre-shampoo Oil Treatment need a very close look at before deciding whether or not you want to purchase it – I wouldn’t class this one as no ‘poo-friendly. But the treatment works nicely for me as my hair loves clary sage and lavender oils, so using it once in a blue moon doesn’t freak me out too much.
  • I’m yet to try out the oil in that little white bottle in the top photo – so many #selfcaresundays to look forward to 😉

This stuff really isn’t an exact science and is going to depend a lot on your own hair type and how you’re using the oils, so have fun, experiment – and unlike me, read the ingredients first!

Wet or dry (oo-er)?

I like to get my hair wet before doing a hot oil treatment as it makes it easier to slick oil through my hair, but I also don’t like to waste water taking two showers in the same day, so I usually just work with dry hair.

You might find that this makes the oils harder to work with and the hair fallout tends to be a little higher, so play around with both ways and see which you prefer.

How to do a hot oil hair treatment when you’re no ‘poo

Making your hot oil hair treatment is sthuper duper simple.

You don’t want your hair to be dripping with oil, so measure out just 2 tablespoons.

Warming the oil up beforehand makes it easier to slick through your hair, so I often put it in a small glass/ceramic container and then put that container into a bowl of boiled water.

Alternatively, put boiled water into a glass/ceramic container, let it heat the container up, then throw out the water and put the oil in.

Hair oil in dish in bowl of hot water

Massage the oil through your scalp and then gently drag the excess through your hair with a wide tooth comb.

Massage scalp with warm hair oil treatment then drag through ends

Secure your hair. You could leave it like that but for extra heat shove a shower cap on:

Keep hair oil in with shower cap

For even more heat, drench the towel in hot water first, then wring the towel out and place that over your shower cap – the heat apparently helps the hair shaft to open up and take in more oil.

Put hot damp towel over shower cap for hot oil treatment

How long you leave it in for is up to you, really – sometimes I do all day or overnight, sometimes I just do two hours.

I use my usual no ‘poo shampoo recipe to wash my oils out – I just need to cleanse two, maybe three times instead of my usual single cleanse to make sure I get all the oil out.

You’ll come to know whether your hair is cleansed or not by the feel of it – for me, if my hair feels slick and heavy, it needs another cleanse.

Make extra no poo shampoo for hot oil hair treatment

And then I do the usual – let my hair air dry and that’s it. Maybe the odd cheeky straighten if it’s a special occasion, like taking photos to talk about hot oil hair treatments on Instagram 😉

Ta daaaaaaaaaa.

Any questions just message me/comment on Instagram 🙂 but like I say, we’re all different so get experimenting and have some fun!

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