How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair? – Best Tips To Grow Your Hair

Healthy hair is the best natural accessory to enhance our look and distinct traits. A great hairstyle can boost your confidence and emphasize your beauty, while a bad hairstyle can undermine your facial features and ruin the appearance.

Thus, hair means so much to the unfortunate cancer patients due to cancer treatment’s side effects. That’s why more and more people have donated their hair to voluntary cancer organizations to help produce wigs for those patients in need.

Some people might be scared that they have to shave all their hair to donate, but we can tell you that is not the truth. You can keep 10 inches of hair but still improve one’s life.

So, how long is 10 inches of hair? Let’s find out the answer to your question.

What does 10 inches of hair look like?

It might be hard to imagine the 10 inches of hair length if this is your first time cutting hair.

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

10 inches hair is a medium shoulder-length hairstyle

You can only obtain the length of your hair once it remains in the straight form. Therefore, if you have curly hair, you might want to straighten it out first to avoid cutting more hair than expected.

The 10 inches hair’s length is actually a medium size. If you wonder how a 10 inches hairstyle looks, we can tell you that it is a medium shoulder-length hairstyle for straight hair and a short jaw-length for curly hair.

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair?

As you can see, 10 inches of hair is a medium amount, but even this can be a big deal to people who love having well-developed and healthy hair. We all know improving hair’s length overnight is impossible, but how long will it reach the desired length? Would it take five years to grow 10 inches of hair?

Don’t worry; it won’t take that much time to grow your hair if you understand the process of hair growth.

So, how does your hair naturally grow?

There are two main parts forming your hair: hair follicle and hair shaft. The hair follicle, which is formed by papilla and bulb, remains under your scalp. When the papilla supplies blood to the hair follicle, the hair growth phase begins.

The hair shaft is the visible hair growing out of the hair follicle. This part is made of keratin – a hard type of protein – and a protective layer called a cuticle.

The hair growing phase will be active for 2-7 years on average before the hair follicles go into a somewhat dormant state. In this stage, the hair shaft will reach the length of 18 – 30 inches, depending on your maximum hair length.

After that, the hair will detach itself from the blood supply and wait for the new hair shaft’s growth to push it out. This phase, which is the cause of your hair shredding, will last about three months and mark the restart of the growing cycle.

Therefore, during the growing phase, your hair tends to grow from 0.2 to 0.7 inches (0.5 – 1.7 centimeters) every month on average. So, in a year, an average person can grow up to 6 inches in total length.

Some factors affect the speed of growing hair


Research shows that Asian hair can grow faster than Caucasian and African hair but less density than both ethnicities.


It is proven that men can grow hair faster than women, but the gap is only some millimeters.


Hair grows faster in the age range of 18 – 30. After that, hair follicles tend to slow down as we get older.


Hair can grow faster with the constant supply of good and essential nutrition.

Is it possible to grow 10 inches in a year?

For an average person, it will take nearly two years to grow 10 inches of hair. However, there is evidence that it is possible to boost your hair’s growing rate up to 11 inches in just a year.

In this part, we will summarize for you all the best tips to stimulate your hair to grow faster.

Add multi-vitamin and hair boost nutrition

Vitamins and minerals such as keratin, biotin, hyaluronic acid, collagen peptides, and alphabetic vitamins can increase your hair growth rates, improving the health of your hair even without the help from hair products.

Some good nutrition that can boost your hair growth, such as omega-3 fatty acids, protein can be found in fish and legumes. These nutrients can help you avoid weak and brittle hair; dry and dull scalp.

Besides, having a good diet can also benefit your hair. If your body is in good shape, your hair will definitely be healthy.

Don’t wash your hair every day

While washing hair is a good way to maintain your hair and leave it shiny, doing so frequently with an abundant amount of hair products (which are loaded to the brim with chemicals, in case you have not noticed) can quickly dry out your scalp and make it oily. Your hair will not be able to grow faster this way, and might even suffer from severe hair loss.

Massage your scalp and use deep condition

Specific conditions such as coconut oil and argan can provide hydration to your hair and help it smoother. But you should apply it to the end of your hair and not on the scalp. This type of product is supposed to soak into the hair and nurture the hair’s length, not the skin on your head.

Plus, while taking a shower, try to massage your scalp, which stimulates the roots, which helps enhance the hair growth.

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Air dry your hair

Normally, we would like to blow dry our hair after a shower so it can dry quickly. However, heat can actually damage and weaken your hair, making it susceptible to break. It would not be that big of a surprise if one day your hair starts shedding and you have to cope with a disturbing amount of hair loss if you do not give up this habit.

How to style your short hair?

Cutting your hair for donation is a great way to help people. However, some people might feel hesitant to do so as they are not so sure about whether the new hairstyle suits them or not. It is normal to feel insecure and discouraged with your appearance after undergoing hair loss, even for good purposes.

Check out how you can have trendy hairstyles with our gallery of 10 inches long hair for women and men.

4 popular 10-inch hairstyles for women

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

Edgy pixie cut for thin hair

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

Classic bob with bang for round faces

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

Cropped cut styles

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

Wedge hair cut

4 popular 10-inch hairstyles for men

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

Classic brushed back hairstyle

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

Wavy comb over hairstyle

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

Tapered Afro

How Long Is 10 Inches Of Hair

Curly pushed back hairstyle


Having smooth, shiny, and healthy hair benefits your life and physical appearance so much. Therefore, it is sad to witness cancer children losing their hair because of the chemical treatment. That’s why, instead of wasting all your cut hair, you can donate it to those who really need it and still look amazing even when your hair is only 10 inches in length.

After this article, we hope you understand how long is 10 inches of hair. You are right, that amount sounds like a lot of work, but it won’t be a problem with our hair growth tips.


“How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair?” The Correct Answer

8-inch long hair is a dream length for a lot of guys and girls. However, “How long is 8 inches of hair” is not an easy question. Fortunately, we have the answer right here!

Hairstyles are very important in making a good impression on others. Moreover, it also shows the personality as well as the unique fashion sense of different people.

Eight inches is an ideal length to start with styling for both men and women. But, some of you may still be wondering, “how long is 8 inches of hair?”. Therefore, today, in this article, we will answer your questions and give you all the advice to have your dream hair.

How long is 8 inches of hair

So, what does 8 inches of hair look like?

To be as specific as possible, 8 inches of hair is the same as the female’s average foot length, about 24 cm. This is the length of the 6.5 US shoe size for you to visualize. You can also easily compare it to other measurements such as the distance from your middle finger to your wrist or the average length of a 500ml water bottle.

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

Example of hair that is 8 inches long

This is ideal for creating various hairstyles such as women’s bobs and man bun or top knot for men. These hairstyles often bring novelty and youthfulness to both sexes. They will do wonders for your style if you intend to refresh yourself.

How Long Does It Take To Grow 8 Inches of Hair:

The biological structure between men and women is different, so the 8 inches of hair growth also varies in each gender. Hair in women usually grows faster than men.

How long does it take to grow 8 inches of hair for a man?

Men often do not pay attention to hair care, so the hair-raising time is usually quite long. It can take up to many years.

On average, with every month passing by, your hair grows about 1.5 inches longer. If you have Short Quiff hairstyles, you need to raise the hair for at least eight months to 2 years to reach 8 inches.

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

A man with 8 inches hair (Source: internet)

This is quite a long time and requires perseverance. There will be times when your hair is neither short nor long. At this point, it won’t be easy to style. Therefore, gentlemen need to prepare before deciding to pursue this hairstyle.

However, this process may take longer for several reasons. Men are more prone to baldness, making it even more difficult to grow hair. Even at the age of 25, the rate of baldness has reached 25%, meaning that 1 in 4 men will have no hair. This ratio is proportional to the male age.

The cause of hair loss for men is hair stem cells (TBMT) weakening.

In young men, the hair stem cell depleting agent is often inherited. At that time, the number of receptors and metabolic enzymes in the scalp caused the receptors’ sensitivity to receive DHT – the hormone harmful to TBT increases, leading to premature hair loss.

With older men, an imbalance of nerve endocrine hormones causes the body to increase more DHT production – making hair grow slow, weak, and thin.

Besides, men often face stress in their careers while demonstrating their own abilities. Statistics show that, despite not having much exposure to the outside world, the stress that men experience is always higher than that of women.

Under pressure and anxiety for a long time, the endocrine, nervous system in hair is disordered. Many harmful substances are secreted, causing hair stem cells to weaken, thereby rapid hair loss.

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How long does it take to grow 8 inches of hair for a woman:

It’s much easier for women to grow long hair.

Healthy women will have a stable amount of estrogen for better hair growth and shinier hair than men. To grow 8 inches of hair, women will need from 6 months to 1 year.

However, like men, many women will also face hair loss, making this process much more time-consuming.

Women most often experience hair loss during pregnancy, childbirth, pre-menopause – menopause, or when using birth control pills. At this time, the body will change the female hormone trio, leading to a disorder of the endocrine system and impaired ability to protect hair stem cells.

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

How long does it take to grow 8 inches of hair for a woman (Source: Internet)

In addition, psychological problems in life, such as depression and anxiety, significantly affect the hair. This causes the body to produce P, damaging the female hair stem cells, causing hair loss faster.

Moreover, as a lady, the process of curling, straightening, dyeing, and bleaching is also a factor that makes hair roots weaker and weaker. Besides, many women want to lose weight to have a beautiful body. Remember, if there is not enough nutrition, hair stem cells will be “starved”, leading to its unhealthy growth.

Is it Possible to Grow 8 Inches of Hair in A Year?

Yes, it is possible. There are many ways to help you grow your hair faster but still healthy.

Trim the ends of your hair

The first step in growing long hair is to cut it short. It sounds ridiculous, but in fact, you need to cut all the damaged hair so that it doesn’t continue to split ends. There’s no need to prune too much; just trim the tops off, as little as possible.

Use a hair mask

To grow long hair, you have to take good care from the scalp down to the ends. Especially during this winter, pay attention to increasing the moisture in your hair. You can use coconut oil, argan oil, or a specialized hair mask once a week. If you are too busy, just incubate it for 5 minutes each time before washing it; if you have more time, then 20 minutes is better.

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

Use a hair mask (Source: Internet)

Use conditioner

Conditioner is an essential care product for the ends of your hair. Remember, if the ends of your hair are dry, your hair will break more often, and your efforts to grow your long hair will not be a success. After each wash, please take a few minutes to massage a mildly formulated conditioner into the body and tail of your hair and rinse it off with water.

Vitamin supplement for the body

Many people like to take Biotin to stimulate hair growth, but in fact, just changing the diet is also an effective method. Also, do not forget to eat a variety of dark green vegetables such as spinach, vegetables, and greens because these are valuable sources of nutrients, helping hair grow faster and healthier.

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

Vitamin supplement for the body

Gallery of 8 Inches Long Hair for Men and Women:

There are many hairstyles you can do when you reach 8 inches in length. Here are some examples for your reference.

For Men:

Long hair makes gentlemen become more dreamy, sometimes dustier, and more generous. Don’t think that long hair is for girls. Men can still have long hair if they are passionate enough.

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

Long curly hair might be an option

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

Or you can go for top knot style

For women:

Long hair is more popular among ladies. You can vary it however you want to create your own signature.

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

You can curl your hair

How Long Is 8 Inches Of Hair

Or you can bleach and dye bold colors

In Conclusion:

Short-term hair growth is possible, even if you experience frequent hair loss. However, this process requires patience for a certain period of time and proper hair care. Thank you for reading, and we hope you are now satisfied with our answer to the question “How long is 8 inches of hair“.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

How to get perfect permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Dyeing hair has become a trend throughout these years, and recently, purple has become one of the most popular colors for hair dye due to its pickiness. However, maintaining it is even a much harder problem, especially for dark hair. So let’s discover how to get perfect permanent purple hair dye for dark hair.

What skin tone does purple hair dye look good on?

If you want to catch the trend but still not sure whether it fits you or not, here is the table of which shade of purple will suit your skin tone best.

Fair skin with cool undertonesPastel purple (like lilac)


Light, cool-toned purple

Fair skin with warm undertonesRaspberry hair hue (a blend of pink and purple)
Light skin with cool undertonesWhimsical orchid hair color
Light skin with warm undertonesLavender hair with exposed roots
Medium skin with cool undertonesIndigo hair color (a blend of blue and purple)
Medium skin with warm undertonesPlum hair color (a blend of red and purple)
Deep skin with cool undertonesGlossy eggplant color

Grey-purple hair

Deep skin with warm undertonesMagenta mane (a blend of pink and purple)

If you still can’t choose the shade you like, Dusty Mauve hair (smoky pinkish-purple) will always be a safe choice.

How will purple hair color change your face?

When you are wondering what color to try out for your hair, purple is a unique and safe one. It can go well with all skin tones, neutralize your undertones, and make your face brighter. The key to choose the color which fits you best is your undertones. Remember that the perfect one is always going with the different shade of your natural undertone.

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Do you need to get your hair bleached before dyeing it purple?

If you own dark hair, you would need to bleach your hair to enable the color purple to appear as clearly as your expectation. Bleaching hair will make your hair color lighter than the origin so that the color you want to dye would blend in easily.

Tips for bleaching dark hair.

  • It would be best if you wait at least a month after perming or straightening. Besides that, you should carefully choose the product because the strength of the product can make your hair brittle or break.
permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Here is hair breakage when choosing the wrong product.

  • A week before getting your hair bleached, it is advisable to reduce the frequency of using heating tools on your hair.
  • A day before it, do not wash your hair because it is better for your hair to be bleached when it is oily.
  • Using natural oil like coconut oil, argan or jojoba oil (when your hair is dry) can help nourish your hair.
permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Use natural oil to nourish your hair.

  • Once you get it done, it is probably to wait until the next day to wash your hair.

Neutralize the warmth if your hair still isn’t light enough.

At the first time of bleaching, you may not get it up to the shade you want because your hair is naturally dark and has too much warmth. What you need to do is go to the hair salon and bleach it again.

How to get perfect permanent hair dye for dark hair?

Although it is complicated to dye hair purple, maintaining the color and protecting it from fading is even far more difficult. Here is some advice for you to always keep your purple hair in the most beautiful state.

Choose an excellent post-dye shampoo.

You need to carefully choose a shampoo for dyed hair as the chemicals in hair dye makes your hair more vulnerable to water so that it can wash all your color away. It is also advisable to wash your hair at least two days after dyeing.

The criteria to choose the most suitable shampoo for purple hair is that it can clean the hair without discoloring it. Purple hair needs more maintenance, so the shampoo you choose has to moisturize and be gentle on your strands.

Using cold water to wash your hair.

Hot water can make your hair fade faster than the cold one. “If you can handle a cold shower — or at least, a lukewarm one — it will help seal in your color. Also, if you live in an area with hard water, you can get a showerhead that purifies the water. It is a great investment for your hair,” says Graham Nation, UNITE stylist at Ken Paves Salon. [1] 2020. GRAHAM NATION – Ken Paves Salon. [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 21 November 2020].

Another thing you have to bear in mind is to keep your hair away from water by using a shower cap while taking a shower. Remember not to wet your hair when it is unnecessary.

Avoid direct sun exposure.

It takes for granted that you want to show everyone your new funky hair color; however, you still need to bear in mind that your hair is too weak to expose it to the sun. Try to cover your hair with a hat or use hair sunscreen whenever you go outside because UV rays can easily harm your dyed hair. Also, you can choose hair sunscreen, which has a lightweight formula so that it will not ruin your hairstyle.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Use a shower cap to protect your hair from water.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

UV rays can harm your hair.

Best hairstyles for purple hair

It is not only essential to have a unique and funky hair color but also necessary to know some cool hairstyles which fit the color best.

Curly hair

Curly hair is a very classic one to try out due to its flexibility. You can wear your hair in so many different styles, and it looks fabulous with accessories like beanies, headbands, head wraps, scarves, … pretty much anything. It can also make you look more charming and younger.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Curly purple hair makes you look younger.


Ombre hair has been a hot trend in recent years, especially the blend of purple and other colors like pink, blue. It can make your style more trendy and make you look younger as well.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Trendy purple ombre hair.

Short hair

A short hair will change your appearance a lot as it can make you look more energetic and sporty.

permanent purple hair dye for dark hair

Sporty short hairstyle.

If you want to choose a color for hair dye, purple can be an excellent choice for those who wish to have a trendy, unique, and funky appearance. Finally, we hope that you can find the best way to have perfect permanent purple hair dye for your natural dark hair.


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