My no ‘poo bridal hair

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As some of you may know, I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner in over 18 months, and I had no intention of using it for my bridal hair.

Unfortunately, my beloved rhassoul clay shampoo recipe was slowly drying my hair out (although I still highly recommend it if you’re struggling with greasy, waxy hair during the detox stages), so in the months leading up to the wedding I took that time to experiment with some new methods.

I ended up switching to my new shikakai and reetha shampoo recipe, which I’m still using now as over time it has noticeably softened and strengthened my hair.

WARNING: Shikakai can “discolour” blonde hair. Personally I think it makes my hair lighter, while amla seems to make my hair darker and more coppery. I wouldn’t say it’s overly noticeable, but if you’re blonde and worried about it, it might be best to skip the herbs for now until you’ve done your own research.

Anyway, after four hair trials with two different hairdressers, I just wasn’t really feeling my ‘dos, and in the eleventh hour the only friend I’d invited to the wedding happened to mention she’d recently done her mum’s bridal hair and offered to do mine too.


Chuffed would be an understatement.

She started by curling my hair into “China Doll” ringlets:

no poo hair, long curled

no poo for long hair bridal style

no poo bridal hair, long curled hair

She then combed them out once with my trusty old wide-tooth comb (this one here; nothing special, just something I picked up from a local pharmacy about 10 years ago:)

She used her own conventional heat protectant spray along the way, something I didn’t even bother with in my shampoo days but hey, I guess your wedding day is not a day to be risking the smell of burnt hair following you around.

She then pinned an opened hair doughnut along the middle of my head and began securing my hair into Grecian-inspired curls and swirls with falling tendrils using no less than 94 bobby pins.

Bridal hairstyle for long hair

Long hair bridal hairstyle

She used conventional hairspray and a soft toothbrush to keep everything smoothed down (I know, I know – I’m allowed one day off from being a green freak, alright? Organic hairsprays are more like wet pump sprays; not ideal).

We then finished everything off with a “hairband” of flower clips I’d bought from independent creator LoveSparklePretty (SERIOUSLY go check out Kayla’s stuff, you will die of pretty).

no poo curled updo bridal

Fishtail wedding dress with a long train and a shoulder shawl

My friend even gave one side of my bangs a trim – why yes, I do look ridiculous with my hair down now.

no poo wedding hair, cutting the hair

The whole thing took about 4 hours, with my friend panicking about halfway through that she wouldn’t get it all done before my makeup lady arrived and once or twice saying, “Oh God, Kayleigh, I forgot how much hair you have.”


no poo bridal hair with flowers in a curled updo

What can I say? My friend spent time on my hair that no hairdresser was willing to and turned me into Cinderella on the biggest day of my life, I kinda owe her one now.

no 'poo bride

Ta daaaaaaaa.

Our wedding photographer was the hilarious and cheeky Ian from Origin Studios, Hertfordshire, UK

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